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Clarity Analogue to Digital Converters

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INT7 - internal PCI A/D Converter       U-PAD2    Net-PAD


Clarity can receive analogue data from any detector, using one of the above A/D converters. Clarity can also communicate with some detectors directly using RS232, GPIB etc, but to do this requires the Instrument Control Extension, and this option is only available for detectors in the List of Currently Controlled Instruments.

The INT7 is a PCI card which can have 1,2 or 4 A/D channels. ie you can connect 1,2 or 4 detectors or detector channels. You can fit more than one card, subject to PCI slot availability in the PC. This is the least expensive way to buy A/D capacity, and the choice of which one to buy is determined by the number of instruments x the number of detectors on each. If in doubt, buy more A/D channels than you will need.

The U-PAD 2 is a separate unit which plugs into a USB slot. It is useful when no PCI slots are available, and as is shown in the table below, it can handle data collection up to a frequency of 400Hz, which is required for fast GC. The UPAD2 has a USB Slot for the security Dongle (the licence key for Clarity) so can be used even if only a single USB socket is free. this is the method of choice when using a laptop PC.

A Net-PAD is an A/D converter which connects to a network socket (RJ45). This means that the PC running Clarity can be anywhere within the network, and still receive data from the HPLC via a TCP/IP protocol. This is useful if the PC is in an office, and for HPLC systems operating in controlled environments, where access to check data collection is restrictive.

A/D Converter:
Type: Internal PCI External USB External LAN (TCP/IP)
Resolution 24bit 24 bit 24 bit
No. of Detector Channels 2 2 1,2 or 4
Voltage Ranges (bipolar) 156, 1250 10,000mV 156, 1250, 12,585mV 156, 1250, 12,585mV
Data Collection Frequency Up to 100Hz Up to 400Hz Up to 100 Hz
Digital Input/Output channels 4/8 2/2 4/8 + 2 x RS232

Free Technical Advice available: 01634 294001 or email sales@laserchrom.com

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