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Clarity - Autosampler Control Option

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Autosampler Control saves programming the autosampler manually

When setting up a sequence run in Clarity, sample data is entered into a sequence table, giving the method to be used, the filename etc for each sample. With the Autosampler Control Option, the only change is that the vial number should be entered, and if samples are to be run in duplicate, the number of injections per vial should be set to 2. Thats it. It s reall simple to use, and eliminates any errors with programming the autosampler, such as the run time being to short and getting out of sequence. This mode puts Clarity totally in control, because no samples are injected unless Clarity says so. Without this option, the autosampler is in control, and injects every x minutes regardless of whatever else happens. So this option makes a huge difference to the simplicity of usin g the HPLC and Clarity.

Not all autosamplers are supported, although the list is increasing all the time. To check if your autosampler can be controlled, see the List of Currently Controlled Instruments.

The instructions on how to use this module will be found in the Control Manual for your make of HPLC equipment. These control manuals may be downloaded free from the Data Apex Website

If you feel unsure about connecting the autosampler and establishing communication with the computer, we would be pleased to come and do this for you, although there will be a charge for this.

Some autosamplers have more functions than others, such as variable injection volume, heating and cooling, preparative options, pre-column derivatisation, and the use of a well plate as sample tray. Check that the functions you have are supported by the Clarity driver. In most cases the answer is yes, but because some drivers are written by the instrument manufacturer and some by Data Apex, it is wise to check.


Free Technical Advice available: 01634 294001 or email sales@laserchrom.com

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