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Clarity - How and when to Upgrade

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There are four circumstances when you may wish to upgrade:

  • Upgrading from Clarity Lite to Clarity Full Version
  • Adding an Extra System or Clarity Extension to your existing Installation
  • Upgrading to a newer version
  • Adding additional A/D capacity

Upgrading from Clarity Lite to Clarity Full Version

Provided you already have a USB security key, after you place the order you will receive a new User Code and a new Clarity Disk containing the full version. Running the Install routine will automatically upgrade your existing installation to the full version of Clarity, so long as you enter your new user code over the old one when asked to do so. Your old A/D converter should work just the same, although if you are upgrading to enable Clarity to work with more than one instrument, you may need to add a new A/D card at the same time.

When logging in to the full version you will notice that you come in at a different window, where you have the option to select which of your active systems you which to log into. Configuartion settings are different too. If you wish, we can arrange to come and upgrade your system for you, although there is a charge for this service. If your PC is old, this is also a good opportunity to load the new Clarity installation onto a new PC, and we can show you how to transfer your old data and method files to the new installation.

Adding and Extra System Licence or a Clarity Extension to your existing installation.

This is really easy. Place the order, and we'll send you a new user code. Enter that into your Clarity Data System under Help, User Code from the first window that opens, and your new features are live straightaway.

Upgrading to the latest version of Clarity

Data Apex are continually upgrading Clarity based on feedback from users, and they release about 3 new upgrades every year. These are available free of charge to registered users of Clarity.

The new version will offer new features, and may look different from the version you are currently using. We recommend that you take a back-up copy of the Clarity directory first and then upgrade.

Release notes relating to the new version will describe whats changed, enabling you to see if there is any benefit in upgrading. However we recommend upograding at least once a year. This is to ensure forward compatibility for upgrading.

The latest version of Clarity is available from the Data Apex website using the link on the right hand link panel. You will need to log in, so you will need to register your copy of Clarity first. If you have problems, please call us and we will always be pleased to assist.

If you would like us to come and upgrade your system for you, we would be pleased to do this, but there is a charge for this service.

Adding and Extra A/D card or device.

Should you find you need to connect more detector outputs than you have A/D channels available, you need only order a new INT7 A/D card, or a Net-PAD or U-PAD2 device. The Net-PAD or U-PAD are plug and Play devices and do not require opening the PC case, or rebooting the software. The INT7 card requires that the computer is turned off, and the new card inserted into a free PCI slot. Be careful not to trap any wires or disconnect any cables. Check that the card is firmly inserted and secured, and then close the case. When rebooting the PC, the new device will be found, and if Clarity is already loaded, it should find the drivers automatically. If it does not, they are stored in C:\Clarity\HW_DRIVERS\INT7.

Once the PC is loaded and happy, when Clarity is opened, go into the Configuration window (Initial screen, System, Configuration..) and select Add (bottom left). From the list, select Detector, and then select INT7, U-PAD or Net-PAD from the list. Once this is selected, the system recognises the new device by its serial number. It should then be allocated to the Instrument where it is needed. Clicking on the detector channels gives the option to name the detectors, and this name will appear in the data acquisition window when data is being collected on this channel.

Any problems, call us. We should be able to help over the phone, and telephone support is free.

Free Technical Advice available: 01634 294001 or email [email protected]

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