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Clarity - Instrument Control Option

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Instrument Control takes Clarity to a new level.

Instead of using Clarity simply to collect and analyse data, with the Instrument Control Option, Clarity can take control of running the pumps and detectors directly from the PC. This means that programming gradients or setting detector parameters can be built into a method, so that whenever the method is run, the correct settings are always used. It makes an instrument much easier to use, which is excellent for multi-user labs and makes training much simpler.

Clarity does not have a driver for all known instruments, so before selecting this option, check that a driver is available by viewing the List of Currently Controlled Instruments.

Having established that Clarity can control the instrumes you have, or resolved to buy an HPLC system which is on the list, the next point to note is the means of communication.

Some systems have analogue pump control (a voltage or frequency which varies to control the pump motor) will then require the purchase of a CB20 interface card. Others use a digital communication through one of the following:

RS232 - requires COM ports and serial cables


LAN - connect with RJ45 network cables

GPIB - formerly HPIB, needs a GPIB control card and cables (can be supplied)

GSIOC - for Gilson equipment. Needs an RS232 to RS422 converter and 9-pin serial cables.

For each instrument, Data Apex have an instruction manual describing how to install the controls, and these can be downloaded free of charge from the Data Apex Website.  Have a read before you buy, but remember, we can come and do the installation for you, although there will be a charge for doing it.

If you have more than one HPLC or GC connected to the same Clarity Installation, you need only buy one Instrument Control Module. However there are limits to how many pumps etc can be controlled on one system. For details see the individual control Manual for your make of HPLC equipment.

Note that the Instrument Control Option does not give Autosampler Control. This requires the Autosampler Control Option. And if your detector is a Diode array detector, this option gives communication etc for it to work as a single wavelength detector. To use is as a Diode Array detector you will need the Diode Array Option.

Free Technical Advice available: 01634 294001 or email sales@laserchrom.com

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